We're here for this:

We want to help people see and explore the unfamiliar areas of their physical, cultural, and digital worlds.
We want to show people that differences and style are healthy.
We want to stop waste of time and money.

The view west.

What we do & where we are

We do design and development for iOS applications. We're on the lookout for the interesting things in the past that will shape our ways of communicating for the future.

We'd like to work with people in every continent. Currently, we're based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Photo by Gerald Deo.

Steven Masuch

Steven is the founder of Zanopan Design Corporation. He has a Bachelor's of Engineering in computer science with distinction from the University of Victoria, years of experience in design work, and a appreciation of David Lynch's Dune.

He made up the word Zanopan when he was thinking up names for a fictional noodle restaurant. His first computer was a Mac Classic II.

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